Information Technology Security Awareness Training

Let’s #BeCyberSmart together!

   Sponsored by the Colorado Wildland Fire & Incident Management Academy. This site will help you Learn to be cyber smart with these quick videos and viewable documents. At your work or home,  As cybercrime becomes more common each day, here are five quick videos to help you understand better ways to keep your personal and professional data safe from cyber threats:

   Everyday, Due to lack of personal awareness and education, People fall victim to fraudulent attempts to gain access to your personal life, files and financial information on your computers. Knowledge is power, the more hackers and scammers know about you the more they can move into your life, gain access to your family and friends. 

   This training is mandatory for Staff, Trainee's, Instructors and IMT Members of of the Academy. Anyone can take the test if you would like to know more about IT Security Awareness. 

   Each of the videos are around 2:00 minutes long and all of them will take about 10 minutes to complete. 

Information Technology Security Awareness Test

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